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The program is unavailable for downloading: discontinued by the developer.


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This program has been discontinued.
It is no longer being updated, and you won't be able to obtain it from its original developer.
Express Files is an easy to use download manager for windows.


-More than two millions search results for all kind of content including video, audio, games and software;
-Download multiple files at once without any restrictions;
-Unlimited volumes: download as much as you need;
-Easy to use: get your files in two clicks;
-Easy and fast one minute installation;
-Unlimited download speed.

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    ettu 8 days ago

    Only Windows XP 32bit, 32bit runs on Windows 7-8. 64-bit does not work.
    Download link:

  • 0
    Guest 15 days ago

    where is the download link to get express files

  • 0
    Guest 18 days ago

    Had to delete it. Does not work anymore. When I first started using it two years ago, it was great. Now there are ads and downloads don't start.

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